The customer has the right to return the product within three days from the date of receipt, and the customer has the right to replace the product with another similar product within 14 days if there is a problem with the product

The condition for exchange and return is that the merchandise is in its original condition, never used, and in the same condition as its original packaging.

The customer has the right to maintain the product by the Salsabil team during the warranty period, and the maintenance will be at the company’s headquarters, or the customer will take care of the transportation expenses.

The customer has the right to raise a request to replace or return the product in the event of a problem that could not be maintained by the maintenance team within 10 working days from the date of delivery.

In the event that the customer is entitled to a refund, the refund process will be on the customer’s bank account within 14 working days.

For home desalination devices, the periodic maintenance schedule must be adhered to by changing the first three stages every three months and changing all stages of the device except for the fourth stage every year and changing the fourth stage every two years.

Electrical parts should not be exposed to water.

The device must not be subjected to any alteration, maintenance or transfer from another company or even by the consumer.

The device should not be exposed to direct sunlight and weather factors.

If any of the foregoing clauses are breached, the warranty shall be considered void.

In the event of a problem with the product, the customer must submit a maintenance request on the site through the following email:

The customer will be contacted within one to five working days to schedule an appointment to implement the service by Salsabil support team.